K-9 Deaths 

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2018 K-9 Deaths 


EOW: March 11, 2018 

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9  Eico, Davis County Sheriff's Department. 

K9 Eico was struck and killed by a vehicle in the 2100 block of Lilac Avenue. Eico's handler had stopped to fuel up his patrol car and to allow him to exercise. Eico inadvertently ran onto Lilac Avenue and was struck by a vehicle. K9 Eico had served with the Davis County Sheriff's Department for two years.

We Stand with #DCSD 


EOW: February 21, 2018

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Rony, Houston Police Department.

K9 Rony died after suffering a serious injury following a vehicle and foot pursuit of a subject who had been driving a stolen car at approximately 1:00 am. The driver led officers on a vehicle pursuit, during which time he threw contraband from the window and intentionally rammed a patrol car. The driver bailed out of the vehicle in the 12700 block of River Trail and fled on foot. K9 Rony was released for an apprehension in a heavily wooded area. One of Rony's legs became entangled in a wooden object and suffered a serious injury. He was rushed to a veterinary hospital where it was determined the most humane treatment would be to euthanize him. The subject was taken into custody by other officers. K9 Rony had served with the Houston Police Department for seven years and was credited with 250 apprehensions.

We Stand with #HPD 


EOW: February 15, 2018  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Mojo, North Charleston Police Department.

K9 Mojo was killed in a vehicle crash when his handler's patrol car collided with another vehicle on Rivers Avenue and Gumwood Boulevard at approximately 9:00 pm. Mojo's handler was responding to another call, with all emergency equipment activated, when another vehicle attempted to turn left in front of him, causing a collision. Mojo was transported to an emergency veterinary hospital where he passed away. His handler and the other driver both suffered minor injuries. The driver who caused the crash was charged with felony DUI. K9 Mojo had served with the North Charleston Police Department for five years.

We Stand with #NCPD 


EOW: January 18, 2018

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Scout, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

K9 Scout died after a ball accidentally became lodged in his mouth, blocking his airway. Scout was participating in an advanced training canine training exercise with other county and state police canines at a building in the 700 block of Starbuck Street in Watertown. Scout was given his ball as a reward during the training, but it became lodged in his mouth. The handlers immediately began giving aid to Scout and took him a veterinary hospital where he later died. Scout had served with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office for 3-1/2 years and was trained in explosives detection, handler protection, and tracking.

We Stand with #JCSO 


EOW: January 18, 2018

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Brock, St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. 

K9 Brock died from complications of an injury sustained while training with recruits at the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy. He and his handler were traversing a metal staircase when K9 Brock's leg slipped through the grate. His leg suffered a severe injury as a result and he immediately transported to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. It was determined that K9 Brock would be unable to fully recover from the injury and, after consultation with veterinary staff, it was determined the best course of treatment would be humane euthanasia. K9 Brock had served with the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office for three years and was certified in patrol functions and narcotics detection.

We Stand with #SMSO 

2017 K-9 Deaths 


EOW: December 23, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Koda, Brockton Police Department. 

K9 Koda died four days after suffering a medical emergency while actively tracking a suspect.

Koda's handler noticed a behavior change during the track and immediately transported him to a local veterinary hospital. He underwent emergency surgery but suffered a cardiac event and passed away on December 23rd, 2017.

We Stand with #BPD 


EOW: December 4, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Billy, Hillsboro Police Department. 

K9 Billy was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of SE Tualatin Valley Highway and Century Boulevard at approximately 10:40 pm.

Another vehicle attempted to make a left turn in front of the handler's patrol car, causing a collision. K9 Billy's handler suffered minor injuries, but K9 Billy suffered severe trauma.

We Stand with #HPD 


EOW: December 3, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Kane, Bell County Sheriff's Department. 

K9 Kane was struck and killed by a vehicle as during a traffic stop on U.S. 25E at the Bell-Knox County line.

K9 Kane's handler had responded to assist a Kentucky State Police trooper and deployed Kane to perform a narcotics sniff. Kane gave a positive indication of narcotics in the vehicle, resulting in the seizure of narcotics and paraphernalia. When Kane's handler gave him his reward, the ball bounced off of him and into traffic. Kane ran after the ball and was struck by a vehicle.

We Stand with #BCSD 


EOW: November 10, 2017  

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Ori, Antrim County Sheriff's Office. 

K9 Ori was struck and killed by a vehicle while working on off-leash obedience training in Kalkaska County.

We Stand with #ACSO 


EOW: November 7, 2017  

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Argo, Normandy Police Department.

K9 Argo succumbed to injuries sustained two days earlier when he fell from the fourth level of a parking garage.

His handler had taken him to the garage to seek refuge during a hail storm. Argo became disoriented during the storm and inadvertently jumped over the garage's exterior wall. He was taken to a local veterinary hospital where he died two days later.

We Stand with #NPD 


EOW: October 31, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty)

R.I.P K9 Jax, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

K9 Jax was stabbed to death while attempting an apprehension at an apartment complex in the 500 block of East Weddell Avenue.

Officers had responded to a domestic violence incident in which a subject had stabbed his girlfriend. The man then barricaded himself inside of his home and refused commands to surrender. K9 Jax was stabbed when he was deployed to apprehend the subject.

We Stand with #SDPS 


EOW: October 23, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Will, New York State Police. 

K9 Will was accidentally shot and killed by his handler while defending himself against an attack by a Pitbull while assisting with a search warrant in the town of Greig.

As officers approached the home, on Woodcreek Road, the Pitbull emerged from the home and charged at K9 Will and his handler. His handler discharged one round, striking the Pitbull. The round then ricocheted off the gravel driveway and struck K9 Will in the stomach.

We Stand with #NYSP 


EOW: August 15th, 2017  

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Gunner, Southaven Police Department.

K9 Gunner died as the result of heat exhaustion when he was left in his handler's department vehicle following an undercover operation.
Gunner's handler had returned to the police station to complete paperwork. Approximately two hours later his handler discovered him in the vehicle and rushed him to a veterinary hospital. The vehicle Gunner was in was not equipped with a heat alarm system.

We Stand with #SHPD 



EOW: August 2nd, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Cain, Crossville Police Department

K9 Cain was stabbed to death during the apprehension of a subject who had stolen a tractor-trailer shortly after 4:00 am.
A Cumberland County deputy had attempted to stop the semi near the intersection of Highway 68 and Highway 127 after it was involved in a hit-and-run. The driver led the deputy and other responding officers in a pursuit until crashing into a tree on Genesis Road at Obed River. 

We Stand with #CVPD


EOW: July 6th, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Dingo Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake. 

K9 Dingo was shot and killed while attempting an apprehension of a wanted fugitive near the intersection of 3300 South and 1100 East. 

We Stand with #UPD 


EOW: July 6th, 2017  

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Mojo DeKalb County Sheriff's Office. 

K9 Mojo died after unintentionally being left in his handler's patrol car following their shift.
His handler had returned home and became distracted due to an incident involving his newborn child. K9 Mojo was located in the back of the patrol car approximately four hours later.

We Stand with #DCSO


EOW: July 2nd, 2017  

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Aron, Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. 

K9 Aron died after suffering heat exhaustion when his handler's patrol car suffered a mechanical malfunction, causing the vehicle and it's hot box backup system to shut off.

We Stand with #LCSO 


EOW: June 14, 2017  

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Drago, Forest Preserves of Cook County Department of Law Enforcement. 

K9 Drago died when the air conditioner in his handler's vehicle failed.

We Stand with #FPCC


EOW: May 10, 2017 

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Freckles, Florida's Department of Corrections. 

K9 Freckles passed away while suffering from heat exhaustion while tracking a wanted fugitive, as part of a multi-day manhunt. 

We Stand with #FDC 


EOW: April 28, 2017 

K9 Death: LOD 

R.I.P K9 Diesel, Sebastian Police Department. 

K9 Diesel passed away from accidentally being left in the handlers patrol S.U.V during a hot day. 

We Stand with #SPD


EOW: April 25, 2017 

K9 Death: LOD (Line of Duty)

R.I.P K9 Kyro, Houston County Sheriff's Office. 

K9 Kyro passed away due to the mistaken identity of the suspect in the wooded area they were searching for a suspect. Due to the mistaken identification of the subject, the dog attacked the handler, did not release off of the Officer, therefore leading to the Officer having to kill him, to prevent further injury. 

We Stand with #JCSO


EOW: April 20, 2017 

K9 Death

R.I.P K9 Doki, Jasper County Sheriff's Office. 

K9 Doki passed away due to heat exhaustion as a mechanical malfunction took place in the handler's patrol car. 

We Stand with #JCSO


EOW: March 26, 2017 

K9 Death: LOD (Line Of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Rico, Alaska State Troopers

K9 Rico was shot and killed while attempting the apprehension of a subject following a pursuit. 

We Stand with #AST 


EOW: March 22, 2017 

K9 Death: LOD (Line Of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Roscoe, Crowley Police Department

K9 Roscoe was shot and killed after officers responded to a shooting call. 

We Stand with #CPD 


EOW: March 18, 2017 

K9 Rooster Death: LOD (Line Of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Rooster, Wichita Police Department

K9 Rooster was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend a subject at the scene of a domestic disturbance. 

We Stand with #WPD 


EOW: February 8, 2017 

K9 Ranger Death: LOD (Line Of Duty) 

R.I.P K9 Ranger, Forest Lake Police Department

K9 Ranger suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after conducting an apprehension of a suspect following a pursuit. 

We Stand with #FLPD 

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