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We are officially a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We thank everyone for the support and financial help along our way so far. 

Our new website is in the works, and updates can be found there. Our new website is www.policepictures.org

Our Core Values: Leadership, Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, and Communication. 


Our Mission Statement: To Support & Humanize Law Enforcement Officers. 


Our Vision Statement: We strive to create an everlasting impact in the Law Enforcement Community. 

2018 Sponsors: We Thank You! 

TacBook, The TacBook is a quick reference, pocket-sized booklet for law enforcement professionals to use in the field. "Be Patrol Ready!" 

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Jamie M, "Police.Pictures rocks! Keep at it. Thank you for Supporting LEO's!" Thank you for the kind words, Jamie! 


Ken Dunn, "Thank you for your hard work guys! Keep it up." Thank you Ken. We appreciate it! 


Kelly Family, "Enjoy Police Week. Thank you for going to honor those that passed in the line of duty." We appreciate it. 


Reynoldsburg Police Department, Ohio, This Police Department is "Bridging the Gap". Thank you for becoming a Sponsor! 


Oberlin Police Department, Ohio, This Police Department's mission is "To Protect and Serve." Thank you for sponsoring our mission, Ptl. Officer B. Wiley!

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2019 National Police Week Sponsorship Fundraiser
Here is our National Police Week Sponsorship fundraiser. To make our trip possible, we need your help. Please read the document to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact us at Josh@Police-Pictures.com. Thank you!
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2018- Our Year! 

Want to participate in Project #StopHatingStartTalking? Read here. 

Our Command Staff has started the process of filing to become Incorporated, and to receive our Non-Profit 501(c)3 License! 

We want to thank everyone who helped us achieve this. We could not have done it without your help. 

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We attended National Police Week 2018. 

Our Command Staff Team attended National Police Week in Washington D.C. May 12th-15th. Contact CEO Will and CFO Josh at ContactUs@Police-Pictures.com for more information. 

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Are you interested in becoming a Sponsor, to help with our 2019 National Police Week Fundraiser? If so, please email CFO Josh at Josh@Police-Pictures.com and read above. 

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Visit PayPal.Me/PolicePictures77 to donate money to our cause. All donations go to help Police Officers, their families, the Law Enforcement Community, and operating costs to make our work possible.  

Who are we? 

We are an Organization consisitng of high school and college students who plan on taking up careers in law enforcement. 

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Police.Pictures' entire team wants to thank Maiden Apparel for sponsoring the Apple Watch Law Enforcement Band, and patch giveaway. Check them out today @ MaidenApparel.com 

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Are you interested in becoming a Police.Pictures Staff Member? If so, visit the Our Team tab to find out more information. 

Event Ideas for 2019? 

2019 will be another great year for Police.Pictures. We look forward to a great year. If you have any event ideas, and think that our Team could attend, then please contact Josh@Police-Pictures.com with any possible event ideas. 

Want to be Hired as a News Analyst? 

We're outsourcing outside of the current Staff Team to hire an Additional News Analyst Team Member to assist with the position. On your application, please state if you're applying for thus position. Firstly, email josh@police-pictures.com with any position questions.

What's New? Read here to find out. Stay involved. 

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The entire team at Police.Pictures wants to thank PD Stickers for sponsoring the Law Enforcement Stickers giveaway. Check them out today @ PDStickers.com 

Meet Us in 2019!

See our News page for an Event Calendar. See where we we will be exploring!

Cleveland Police Department

On June 24th 2017, CFO Josh, DOS Nick, & Admin John attended the Cleveland Police Museum Antique Police Vehicle Show at the Cleveland Police Department Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. 

At the event, there were multiple antique cars, The Cleveland Police Department was present, the Ohio State Highway Patrol was present, along with the Cuyahoga County Sherrif's Office. We want to Thank everyone for all they did! 

Our Merch Will Return Soon!

We’re re-building it, so that it comes back with a bang... (not literally.) 

We're glad to see you visiting! 

This website is home to the one and only Police.Pictures! We're an organization in which is based off of Social Media. We hope that you are a part of helping us support Law Enforcement. 

Home to Supporting Law Enforcement.

We Thank each and everyone of our Supporters for the continuous support, in which we have gotten thus far on our journey. We have a Golden 14,000 Supporters that back our mission. 

Our Attention. Our Service.

Our attention, and service  here at Police.Pictures goes out to Supporting Law Enforcement. They risk their lives daily to protect us ; the public. Without Law Enforcement Officers, this world would be corrupt. We must support them. We hope that we have your help in doing so. 

Our Word.

We're here to spread the word that Law Enforcement Officers are Important, and that they should be treated just like any other human being. Badge, or no badge. Our Word is influential into changing peoples view-points of American Law Enforcement throughout highlighting the postive aspects of Law Enforcement throughout the United States. 



Heroes are Behind the Badge- Thank You for your Service, Law Enforcement Officers. 

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